Root Canal Therapy

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Endodontic therapy better known as root canal therapy is a simple and effective treatment used to save teeth that have been impacted by severe decay or infection.

Dr. Persky is a very experienced root canal specialist and can recognize when there is too much decay in a tooth, or the tooth has an infection. She may recommend root canal therapy to remove the infected pulp of your tooth eliminating the possibility of infection spreading to other teeth and tissues.

Common signs for needing root canal therapy include:

  • A very painful toothache
  • Pain or discomfort while eating
  • Pain that extends from the tooth to the ear, jaw or head
  • Tooth fractures and chips
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold elements including throbbing, a dull or severe toothache
  • Gums that are tender or swollen and may release blood or pus if pressure is applied

Dr. Persky uses current technology and advanced rotary root canal therapy instruments. You will experience, faster, thorough pulp removal, which means quicker yet extremely comfortable care and completed all in just one visit.

Dr. Persky will be able to advise you as to whether you need root canal therapy or a different solution.

The important thing to remember is that root canal therapy is no longer the painful procedure it once was and you don’t have to be apprehensive. Root canal therapy is performed with minimal pain, much like filling a cavity.