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At some given point in time in your life you could experience the loss of a tooth or even multiple teeth in different areas of your mouth. This loss will not just affect your appearance but your overall health as well.

A missing tooth prohibits your ability to comfortably chew some of your favorite foods. When missing teeth are not replaced, the teeth adjacent to the space of your missing tooth will move changing your bite and allowing possible gum disease and or bone loss.

Fortunately the implementation of a dental bridge can be the perfect solution to your missing tooth and due to cutting edge processes, various types of bridges are available and the process is quicker than ever before.

An addition of a bridge, will not change how you speak and will not make eating food difficult and along with a continuous cleaning schedule a dental bridge can last for years to come. A dental bridge is an affordable and effective solution to a missing tooth.

Dr. Persky will assess your mouth and jaw and discuss with you, your opportunity for your missing tooth restoration, eliminating any embarrassment and of course have you back to enjoying the foods you love.

If you are missing a tooth or possibly could lose a tooth due to a broken tooth, you don’t need to worry. Give our office a call at 520-795-2123.

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